Yeast Industry in Turkey

First baker’s yeast plant was erected in 1952 under the name of “Örnek Maya”. Today there are 7 yeast plants owned by 4 companies. Among them top two major global baker’s yeast producers have 3 plants in Turkey. Yeast plants located in Turkey only produce basic fresh and dry forms of baker’s yeast. Yeast extract, yeast derivatives or other value added yeast products are not manufactured in Turkey.   

Almost all professional bakers in Turkey are using fresh yeast and only 10 % of the yeast is in dry form and used mainly by the household consumers.

Roughly 20 % of the global baker’s yeast is manufactured in Turkey and as expected it is an over saturated market. More than 50 % of the baker’s yeast manufactured in Turkey is exported. Tight environmental regulations, high energy costs, high wages and high international competition are causing the yeast industry to have hard times in recent years.