New Organic Selenium Yeast

“Angel Yeast” who specialize in yeast and yeast derivatives, launched a higher content of organic selenium yeast (3000ppm).

Organic Selenium is an essential trace element known to support the health of the body and has been widely used in the field of human and animal health. Diets supplemented with yeast selenium can significantly enhance animal immunity, promote survival, reduce mortality, and has a significant effect to improve reproduction.

Angel Yeast, has developed 1000ppm and 2000ppm selenium yeast products, which are distributed to several countries and regions. Now the same company introduced 3000ppm selenium yeast in forms of granular and powder, which has total selenium content of 3000ppm.

The product is not only more efficient, but also with higher content of organic selenium, the actual amounts will be reduced, and therefore will be a more cost effective substitute.