Cream Yeast

YEAST CREAM-1Cream yeast is not typically called a ‘baker’s yeast product’ but is relevant as it represents a major step in the process and is a marketable product itself. At the end of the fermentation, the yeast broth is concentrated using a series of combined centrifugation and washing steps, into a yeast cream with a solids concentration of approximately 22%.   The yeast is then cooled to 4°C, in order to restrict the growth of any contaminating microorganisms. The cooled yeast cream is stored in a hygienic storage tank, which is insulated and equipped with agitators and cooling pipes, effectively preventing heat exchange with the surrounding atmosphere, keeping the cream at 4°C. Cream Yeast is basically the liquid product and can therefore be transferred into containers and distributed to bakeries, where it is used to produce yeast based products. The advantage of this is that it excludes any human handling and therefore reduces the risk of contamination by handling, however due to its high volume, transport costs can be expensive. For this reason, distribution is generally confined to a particular area.