Instant Active Dry Yeast

IADY448The manufacturing process for instant active dry yeast is similar to that for active dry yeast with a few exceptions. Prior to being extruded, the press cake may be plasticized with an emulsifier as an aid to yeast rehydration in the dough. The yeast mass is extruded through smaller perforated plates or screens than those used for active dry yeast, cut into small oblong, thread like particles and dried in a fluid bed dryer. The combination of strain chosen for instant yeast, the growth conditions, the drying method, and the addition of emulsifiers tend to place instant yeast intermediate between compressed and active dry yeast relative to activity in lean dough. Good instant active dry yeast has lower gassing power than compressed yeast and more than active dry yeast. Instant active dry yeast is available to commercial bakers in 500 g packets. Instant active dry yeast has 97.0% solids and 3.0% moisture content.  The shelf life of instant yeast stored at room temperature is approximately 2 years from the production date. It is recommended to blend it completely with the flour before adding water.