Pizza Yeast

Deactivated yeast with reducing power is a “clean label” L-cystein substitute with no fermenting power. It is a natural product with a reliable quality. Deactivated yeast is a food ingredient that can be used in all kinds of dough’s. In the dough, the membranes allow the leakage of the whole cell content to pass through. One of its components, glutathione, has a reducing effect on the gluten. This is reflected in improving the machinability of tough doughs or those which have reached a high level of maturation. Accelerating the dough development during mixing which requires a decrease in mixing time by 15 to 20%. This characteristic reduces dough oxidation during mixing, therefore preserving the ferment flavour which gives aromatic quality to the finished product.

It develops and smoothes the dough faster, thus eliminating tearing and shrinkage when moulding or sheeting the dough by making it more extensible, greatly enhances the final appearance of pizzas, wafers and biscuits.

Its dosage will vary according to the extensibility of the dough that you wish to achieve deactivated yeast with high glutathione level: 0.1% to 0.3% of the flour weight.

Active form Dry yeast with reducing power is designed for pizza makers. Its moderate, regular gassing power provides the fermentation tolerance required for this type of application. Its reducing power makes it easy to shape the pizza thus avoiding the shrinkage effect.