About Us


SVL Gida & Biotechnology Ltd, assists inquirers find technologies, R & D projects, provides consultancy on “Yeast Biotechnology”. This could stretch from innovative technologies that can be commercialized from the laboratory to production units.



  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Levent Dagasan
  • 22 years experience in the Yeast Biotechnology field, concentrating on R&D projects.
  • Experience gained in both academia and industry.


  • Microbial processes,  yeast biotechnology & fermentation
  • Emphasis on baker’s yeast manufacturing and drying projects
  • Process improvement,
  • Engineering support
  • Hygen and Plant Auditing
  • New laboratory set-up assistance
  • Hands on training on fermentation & biotechnology
  • Concept innovative products
  • Alternate raw materials for baker’s yeast fermentation industry
  • Feasibility studies
  • Quality, productivity & cost improvement projects in biotech, food/feed industry.